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How to build in a motor for the electric highness control?

  • Please remove the plastic lock (plastic part with incorporated threaded rod) with a 90 ° left turn. Loosen the ball out of the track and insert them into the track of the servo motor. Now you can lock the engine with a 90 ° right rotation again.

What can I do if a LED is broken?

  • As part of the warranty we replace the damaged product (but without physically damage). We will gladly send you spare parts. Contact us at NAZVANIE NAWEJ FIRMI.

Once installing my headlights or taillights, where do I have to pay attention to?

  • Our headlights and taillights are produced in Plug and Play procedure, which means that all the original plugs and holders can be reused. Please always pay attention to the proper seating of the seal and the connector!

Is this the price for a set or a piece?

  • Our headlights, taillights and daytime running lights are always sold as a set.

How long is the durability of LEDs?

  • LEDs have less power consumption, more efficiency and they are extremely durable.

How long does the shipping take?

  • It depends on the local carriers.

What are the warranty terms?

  • We give 24 months warranty on our products, if they are not physically damaged or modified

What Look and Style words meaning in product names?

  • Look and Style words mean that product offered by not original manufacture ie made from alternative material and supplied without any
    installation material, however product has installation places

How can I pay with prepayment?

  • After ordering, you will receive an e-mail with the pro forma invoice, which includes the information about bank account and total amount to be transferred. Once the payment is received we deliver immediately the goods.

What means HID-look-lens?

  • The appearance of these headlights is like xenon headlights. This lens includes a common halogen bulb.

Is it a real daytime running light in the Dayline headlight?

  • Yes and No. Some headlights have real Daytime running light and some just parking lights with Daytime running light style.

Can I install xenon into your headlights?

  • No.

Is it possible to modify the daytime running light optic into a real daytime running light?

  • No, you can’t.

Do you have headlights for right hand drive models?

  • Yes, such items are marked with RHD.

What does ** in the article number mean?

  • This article is brand new in our program, so you have the chance to see a preview and to order it as soon as we have it in stock.