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If you can not find your necessary product in our store, email us a request and we will make a search for this product in the warehouses of our suppliers.


All products are covered with producer warranty. In case of problems with products you have to contact home office for assistance.

All products are supplied with warranty coupon which is added to the product. Warranty coupon allows you to get free product repair or its replacement.

Purchasing the product you get papers describing warranty regulations.

If during product warranty time discard is detected free repair or replacement is offered according to the supplier or producer rules.

To get full warranty service it is necessary to present a warranty coupon and the cheque confirming product purchasing.
To avoid misunderstanding we strongly recommend you carefully read product warranty terms.

Warranty void if:

  • product was used for industrial or not appropriate aim;
  • products  shows assembling traces;
  • product was technically modified ;
  • product serial number not seen or could not be defined;
  • warranty label are deleted,  damaged or scratched;
  • product was installed by non professional;

Damage to void the warranty:

  •  Damage caused by the ingress of heterogeneous bodies of the goods, materials, liquids, insects;
  •  Damage caused by the cyclone, fire, social factors, accidentally by external factors (change in voltage sources, etc.), as well as accident cases;
  • Damage caused by inadequate nutrition of standard parameters and other external factors;
  • Damage caused by non-standard and substandard materials used, spare parts, components, supplies, accessories.

Warranty does not apply:

  • By using materials, kits accessories (accessories), if their replacement provides design and is not associated with disassembly of the goods

Cuberra.EU does not hold responsibility for any harm to humans, pets or things that can be caused by the goods directly or indirectly.

Additional warranty terms:

  • Customers are not allowed, on its own will, to send goods back for warranty replacement or repair without agreement in advance with sales office;
  • In case goods were sent back by customer without any agreement in advance Cuberra doesn’t hold responsibility for goods lose or its damage;

 Cuberra does not assume transport costs for goods sent back by customer.